Bereavement Support Group

Mungret Crecora Raheen



Support Group


The MCR   Bereavement Support Group was launched on 28th September 2010.  The group was set up with the aim of offering support to those who are bereaved and grieving.

The group holds various events throughout the year.  We host guest speakers from time to time and all are welcome to come along.  We help to organise the Candlelight Mass for the Deceased and the Cemetery Prayers which are held in November.  Information on these events will be on the parish newsletter and on the website.

A member of the group can also visit the home of the bereaved to offer support.  Anything discussed during these visits is strictly confidential.  While we offer support we are not a counselling service.

For further information please contact the Parish Office at

 061 – 210869.


By My Shoulder

Death is but a transition,
the mystics say.
Suffering makes us strong
and sets the spirit free,
the sages say.
Time heals all wounds
helping us grow
day by day.
But without you by my shoulder
guiding me,
all the time and wisdom
in the world
wouldn’t take the pain away.

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